About Us


Our philosophy:

You should have no risk working with us.
Just because most web design and development companies don't offer guarantees doesn't mean you should have to pay if you get stuck with poor quality, poor service or people you don't like working with. We offer you an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee on your website project and other protections because that's what you deserve.

The way your website is developed - how it's coded, the CMS software it's built on, the hosting it uses and more have a more dramatic effect on your company's bottom line than you may realize.
We consider it our fiduciary duty to you to be experts in state-of-the-art website development, and to spend as much time as is necessary (we’ve spent years) to find, evaluate and test all of the suitable CMS software platforms and hosting companies so you get maximum benefits and minimal risk.

Your website's design is crucial to getting more new customers.
Many web design companies believe that good enough is good enough when it comes to your website's design. We disagree. We know that it's your website's design that determines in less than one second after a visitor arrives if they will stay or leave and if they leave, you lose the opportunity to turn them into a customer forever. Most of your opportunities for converting visitors into new customers are lost at the top of the funnel - first-time visitors to your website. Since your website's design plays a critical role in getting first-time visitors to stay and getting more leads in the funnel is the most powerful way to get more new customers, we spend a lot more time on your website's design than most web design and development companies.

We’re doing you a disservice if we don’t spend enough time getting to know you and your business before we build your new website.
What’s special about you and your business needs to come through in your website to make it perform as well as it can. Unlike most other web companies, we go much deeper than just a few conversations about "what goals are." We conduct comprehensive interviews with you and your staff, but more importantly, with your customers! They are the people who can tell us what we really need to know about your company's strengths and differentiators.

You should know ahead of time exactly what kind of service and support you can expect from us, and we should be held accountable to the promises we make to you.
Before we finish your website, we will provide you with our Client Service Policies sheet which lays out in detail everything you can expect from us, the exact process for service requests and what happens if we don't fulfill on our promises.

You need someone to manage the entire operation of your website - someone with the right skills, experience and system in place to do it properly.
We've seen too many companies make mistakes managing their website's hosting and get hit hard with malware, viruses, Google black listings and more bad stuff. We’ve got the right skills, a lot of experience and great systems in place to manage your website's entire operations. If you let us do it, you can spend more time growing your business, and less time worrying about your website.




Our leadership:


Before founding DVS Websites, Chris spent 11 years in the online marketing industry at various companies that specialized in email marketing, search engine marketing, behaviorally targeted display advertising, online strategic alliances and joint ventures, CPA network advertising and Internet lead generation. He spent the majority of those 11 years as a top performer in direct, face-to-face selling and in various marketing capacities as well. During that time, Chris sold online advertising directly to some of the world’s largest interactive agencies including Carat Fusion, Digitas, Mediavest and Avenue A, and sold advertising and performed sales and marketing consulting for some of the world’s biggest brands including Barnes & Noble, Mars (M&Ms), Dove, P&G, Crest, Nautilus, Monster.com, and others. For the last 10 years, Chris has honed his sales and marketing expertise during his spare time, conducting a personal study and application of the time-tested principles of direct response marketing and copywriting.

In former lives, Chris has been an investment banker, a rock guitarist, a chef and a serial entrepreneur.


OVI SAVESCU, Head of Design & Development

Ovidiu Savescu is a self-taught web developer and resident nerd here at DVS, who likes to describe himself as a synthesist with a fixation on human-machine interaction. 

He activated in variety of different fields in the beginning of his work career, always looking for that perfect place that would combine his numerous interests and encyclopedic knowledge of various fields into one cohesive entity. His early fascination with computer technology and video games hobby finally gave him the answer he was looking for, because the field of designing and building functional user interfaces combines the humanities on one side (psychology, art, design, social sciences, anthropology) with the natural sciences (math, information architecture, programming, ergonomics) in the goal to better understand both man and machine so that we can best build interfaces between them.

His hobbies include video games, learning new things, science-fiction literature, and looking for new ways of tackling old problems.